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Editorial and Literary Experience
  • Editor of Kids Won't Eat Healthy? Quick Read this Book!: The Stressed-Out Parents Guide to Drama-Free Meals written by Theresa Bonner.

  • Published Do We Need Paper Books and Thinking of Going 1:1 in the New Jersey Association of School Libraries newsletter, Bookmark.

  • Advisor of The Lawrencian, Lawrence High School’s newspaper, since 2013.

  • Writer and member of The Educators Coop, a residential community for educators in Second Life.

  • Wrote multiple articles for The Educators Coop, a Second Life residential community for educators.

  • Staff member and writer for Rez Libris, an online magazine contributed by librarians and about librarians

  • Recipient of a Rezzie Award, in recognition of excellent writing for Rez Libris online magazine.

  • Rewrote Wikipedia article of The American Boychoir complete with verifiable links and resources.

  • Wrote Information Seeking Behavior to a T: The Information Seeking Behavior of Transgenders and Transsexuals for Human Information Behavior at Rutgers University.

  • 6/6 – a perfect score – on the analytical writing section of the GRE.

  • Published brochure, Online Safety: raising children in a cyber world for NJEA educational materials

  • Published article, Thinking about retiring? Let us help you! in NJEA Reporter

  • Creator of The Zen Pen, a (now defunct) online critique opportunity for writers of speculative fiction. Live as of April 2005, over one hundred and fifty manuscripts have been reviewed and critiqued. Through adherence to my recommendations, authors have achieved publication. Testimonials available on website.

  • Editorial Intern of Realms of Fantasy, formerly the largest magazine in the world devoted to fantasy. Processed up to 400 manuscripts 10,000 words or less per month; chose those to be published and forwarded to Editor; created and maintained website with over 46,000 hits where authors could track manuscript submissions, learn, and ask questions about Realms of Fantasy’s submission procedures; supplied feedback and critiqued stories submitted if requested by author; maintained professional relations with authors around the world via email.

  • Undergraduate Senior Honor’s Thesis, The Language of the Night: An Illumination of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • Editor of The College of New Jersey’s Women’s and Gender Studies Newsletter. Gathered information to be published; edited, copied, laid-out and organized content; wrote articles; interviewed, published, and distributed monthly issues.

  • Co-authored article, Where There’s a WILL There’s a Way in WGST Newsletter

  • Published article, Synchronicity Does Bring Us All Together: A Guest’s Perspective in American Healthcare Radiologist’s Administration Newsletter at age 16 - the youngest contributor to that publication.

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